5 high speed trains in India


India is way behind the world when it comes to fast running trains. However, the current government has proposed to run some really good and fast trains. Among the 5 high speed trains in India, the much promoted Mumbai to Ahmedabad bullet train will cost less than flight fares. This particular hight speed rail corridor project will connect the cities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Another fast train is the Mumbai Central to New Delhi Rajdhani Express. This train runs between Mumbai and Delhi in India and is a premium express train. It can reach a speed of 130 km/hr which is a feat for trains in India. The Howrah Rajdhani is another one of the high speed trains in India. It is a fully air-conditioned train with open wi-fi. When it comes to comfort and speed it is on the top of the list. Another fast train is the Sealdah to New Delhi Duronto Express. It’s a super fast express train and is in fact regarded as the fastest and most time-efficient train on the Grand Chord route. The train runs between Sealdah and New Delhi. That is a small list fo trains for a railway that boasts of more than 10000 trains in a day, but things are improving and there is hope.

High speed train Sydney to Melbourne

High speed train Sydney to Melbourne – The new plan

The new railway between Sydney and Melbourne is expected to cost about $200 billion, which will include 8 stops between the two cities. This high speed train Sydney to Melbourne is a dream in the pipeline. The high speed rail plan connecting Sydney to Melbourne is estimated to be capable of making the journey in about 2 hours and 44 minutes. That is if the train stops at all 8 stop-overs. If not, the journey could be accomplished in just 2 hours. By car, the journey could be as much as 10 hours. Plenty of research has gone into this rail plan and it has been confirmed over and over again that this high speed train Sydney to Melbourne is a viable option. Experts on this enormous project say that it could be ‘set into action’ in the next few years and that the high-speed train should be up and running in around 30 years, that is, by the year 2045.

The Schwebebahn: Suspension Railways in Germany

Suspension railway Germany

The Schwebebahn, located in the town of Wuppertal, is one of the most famous Suspension railway Germany. You can see from the picture that it looks like the train is literally floating through the air. I rode the Schwebebahn when I was in Germany a few years ago, and it was a mad feeling to have the tracks above you and nothing but cars and city streets below. The first tracks opened in 1901, and is still in use today! There have been relatively few accidents considering how long the railway has been in operation. There’s another one of these suspension railway Germany, albeit a less famous one: The Schwebebahn Dresden. Eugen Langen, who designed the Wuppertal Schwebebahn, first built the Schwebebahn Dresden. It is smaller in scope than the one in Wuppertal, but it is a mountain railway that runs about 275 metres up from the river Elbe. Those are the only two suspension railway Germany that I can think of – does anyone know of any others? What about in other countries?

Blue Mountains Tourism

Blue Mountains tourism

Blue Mountains tourism is one of the major attractions for tourists in Australia. It includes the essence of Australia. There are national parks, caves, fishing and a taste of local culture and much more. Today I will tell you about the top 3 attractions of Blue Mountains tourism.

(1) Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains – This is the thing to do in this tour. It includes walking through the wilderness and staying in an Aboriginal village. You can also enjoy camping, canoeing and horse riding in this tour.

(2) Aboriginal heritage tour to Mount Tomah – This tour focuses on learning about Aboriginal culture and the indigenous use of plants. The tour is led by an Aboriginal expert guide right up to the peak of Mount Tomah. You can try blowing into the traditional trumpet of the Aboriginals from the peak.

(3) Blue Mountains Trolley Tours – This eco-tour takes care of your comfort. The trolleys will take you everywhere with less walking required. Perfect for a holiday with small kids.

Bullet Train in Japan

Bullet Train in Japan

Technology and beauty in transportation can be all had in Japan. Yes folks I am talking about the Shinkansen network of bullet trains in Japan. The network serves Japan’s main islands Honshu and Kyushu connecting Tokyo with all major cities.

The trains run at the bullet speed of 320km/hr and known for to the second punctuality. The coaches are comfortable and efficient. Especially made for tourists is the Japan Rail pass which makes travelling by these fast trains very economic for the touring people.

When I came here I could gather some real up close information about the train network, which a traveler should know. Hence I will share these details.

Classes – Most of the trains offer two classes in two separate cars/coaches. There is the regular or ordinary class with 3X2 seating arrangement with enough foot space. Then there is the green car which is the luxurious ones with 2X2 seating arrangement with lots of foot space. You can choose either depending on your budget. There is also another new introduction on the new trains known as Gran class with 2X1 seating and other amenities. The Gran class is comparable to first class in Airplanes so be ready to shell out bucks for these seats.

The tickets can be booked online, through vending machines or at the counters at stations. Wash rooms and toilets facility in these trains is really incomparable. Believe me they are better than any other transport network I have travelled on. So get set and make sure you travel by these modern marvels which showcases the technology and hospitality of Japan.

Tips for travel in Australia

Travel In Australia

Australia is different when travelling from rest of the world and needs special care to stay safe. There are many kinds of dangers and challenges. Sparse population and lack of settlement for miles is Australia. But that is what is different about Australia. The following tips will help you cope up with challenges in the Island Continent.

  • Light Luggage – Heavy luggage is a big no while travelling anywhere and more so in Australia as you will be travelling long distances. So pack smartly and according to the season you are travelling in. You can buy some clothes locally for the local fashion and it is not expensive.
  • Travel by Road/Train – Do not take flights while in Australia if you want to experience the real Australia. Instead take trains or travel by road and have the experience of the Australian outback. Making a discovery traveler’s pass is an economic option.
  • Keep Hydrated – Australia is dry and hot. Especially the outback is arid and steaming so you need to drink water regularly. Keeping lemon handy is a good way to quench the thirst. You can make lemon water with sugar or salt which keeps the electrolytic balance in the body as well.
  • Avoid night travel – Australia can be wild and there are dangerous predators and extremely poisonous snakes. So adventure at night is not advised.
  • Sun Block creams to avoid sunburns – Sun will burn your skin if you do not have protection. Using sun block product is a necessity here.

A Nomadic Experience of Barbados: Travel Guides And Tips

The land of “pride and industry”, Barbados is a country that takes pride of its people and its culture. Located at the western area of the North Atlantic and east of Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea, expect pristine stretch of beaches to be found in this prime tourist destination. Historically speaking, Barbados was colonized by the Spanish, Portuguese, and the English; so expect a rich cultural heritage.And if you are running short of money, worry not but read more here!

Barbados’ point of interest

Before visiting this beautiful country, the traveler is advised to make a list of the places to go. This way, he can save on time and hassle and disperse his efforts more on travelling and exploring these beautiful and magnificent Barbados tourist spots.

  •  The Andromeda Botanical Gardens

This nature park is home to variety of fauna species of palms, orchids, Bougainville’s, to name a few. The garden has gentle streams around the area giving it the general zen feel. Located in Bathsheba at the eastern coast of the Barbados islands, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens is the best place to commune with nature and appreciate the magnificence of mother nature.


  • The coast of Bathsheba and Scotland District

This prime location lures surfers from around the globe. The waters in this coast boast some challenging wave ideal for surfing. For non-suffers, you can likewise enjoy the waters and the breezy life in this part of Barbados. Your best companion is your camera since this part of the coast boasts some breathtaking scenery.

Winter Travel to Australia

There is a drastic change in temperature in many as compare to April. For the people who like the cold season this is the time to visit Australia . This is a great time to visit  whether you are coming for a pleasure trip or for professional things like photography.

The drop in temperature is a phenomenal 5 degrees Celsius. Autumn has already set in but this is the most dramatic month for climate change. There is rapid change in scenery from different colors to brown and then to white in a matter of weeks. The only drawback is that you will not be able to enjoy the water as it becomes cold. The other things are really inviting be it the restaurants or the colorful and vibrant clubs at night.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

MCG - The biggest ground

This is the biggest ground in the city. Famous for being the largest cricket ground, it also has Aussie football and Olympic venue for a wide range of sports. There is even a museum in the complex where you can see historical memorabilia. MCG as it is popularly known is more of a cultural icon in Australia.

Werribee Open range Zoo 

Werribee Open range Zoo

It is not just a slogan. The zoo indeed is unique where animals roam around freely. It is us humans who have to be in a caged jeep to be safe. You can take the tour on foot also but it is a long walk. Many options of alternative transport are available. Best viewed in May due to animal activity because of rapidly changing season.

The National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery - Melbourne

The national art gallery in Melbourne is a must visit for all. It has a unique collection of artwork and sculpture which you will not find anywhere in the world.

Coming in May you can also do amazing photography. This is for the photographers.

Sea transport

Moving across countries and continents is easy nowadays. However it was not the case earlier. Sea was the only mode of transport, back then. Today I will talk about some interesting facts about sea transport.

Sea Transport

Sea Transport

  • History of travel on sea is very old.It dates back to 3000 B.C.
  • Abydos boats from Egypt are supposedly the oldest ships made by man.
  • Fast ships were later made for movement across sea.Spanish people became masters of the sea in 18th century, hence the famous Spanish armada.
  • In 19th century England became the sea champions with invention of steam engine. It was the most successful episode in world history. Sea supremacy lead to England having colonies all over the world.
  • With fossil fuel engines ships became faster and more convenient.
  • The fastest ships now are powered by nuclear powered engines.These ships have left  the old boats far behind.
  • Sail driven ships which were popular in 15th and 16th century are still popular among sailors.
  • Moving cargo across sea was the most profitable business of its era. It is one of the oldest form of business and is still going strong. Even today 65% of world’s cargo is moved across sea.
  • Maersk Line’s Emma Maersk is the largest cargo carrying ship. It is worth $38 billion and can carry 11000 Twenty foot containers.
  • Navy is the most strategic arm of the defense forces for every country with coastal waters.
  • China is the largest builder of ships in the world. It produces 5000 ships in a year only second to Denmark.

Cycling- for pleasure, for work

Many European countries have started to think that cycling is the best way to get around to places. Public transport is quite good, but it still uses quite a bit of fuel- or at least that is what people have been thinking in Europe, I’m going to presume. After all, why else would they want to motivate so many people into cycling to work and to school?

Cycling in Europe

Well, for one, cycling is an incredibly safe way of travelling. There is zero carbon emissions, zero pollution and it does a pretty good job of helping people stay active and healthy. Cycles can be pretty inexpensive to make as well (as long as you are not trying to buy a super expensive carbon bike, but come on, there is no way you are going to be able to get around the city on a cycle like that). There are almost no drawbacks to promoting the use of cycles in countries– it does not even matter if you have a good public transport system in place or not.

I can imagine a world where people cycle wherever they want to go- it certainly seems like an exciting world to live in!