What’s unique about the Paris Metro?

The Parisian underground, like most other parts of the city overground, is extremely charming. It has been in operation for over a 100 years, and clearly it is one of the most efficient transport systems in the entire world. It spreads over 250 kilometers of tracks, and connects parts of central Paris to many areas in the suburbs as well.

Paris Metro Map

However, there are a number of complaints leveled against the Parisian metro- the trains are not as punctual as people would like it to be, and France is quite well known for it’s workers strikes, which can leave thousands of people stranded without any train connectivity. However, these issues are being resolved- almost all trains run extremely punctual now, especially the ones that operate during peak hour.

However, what makes Paris’s underground unique is not just the trains, it’s the kind of experience you can enjoy there. If you are stuck in the station for a while, you can walk up to a bistro that can offer you an authentic French experience and some amazing pain au chocolat. If you are in one of the bigger stations such as Chatelet des Halles, you may even run into a number of musicians belting out latest pop numbers of Beethoven partitas. There are a number of violinists and accordion players who even play on the trains themselves.

Musician in Paris Metro Train

Say what you want, if you are a tourist, you must go on the Paris metro- it will make you feel like you are in a film!


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