Cycling- for pleasure, for work

Many European countries have started to think that cycling is the best way to get around to places. Public transport is quite good, but it still uses quite a bit of fuel- or at least that is what people have been thinking in Europe, I’m going to presume. After all, why else would they want to motivate so many people into cycling to work and to school?

Cycling in Europe

Well, for one, cycling is an incredibly safe way of travelling. There is zero carbon emissions, zero pollution and it does a pretty good job of helping people stay active and healthy. Cycles can be pretty inexpensive to make as well (as long as you are not trying to buy a super expensive carbon bike, but come on, there is no way you are going to be able to get around the city on a cycle like that). There are almost no drawbacks to promoting the use of cycles in countries– it does not even matter if you have a good public transport system in place or not.

I can imagine a world where people cycle wherever they want to go- it certainly seems like an exciting world to live in!


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