Sea transport

Moving across countries and continents is easy nowadays. However it was not the case earlier. Sea was the only mode of transport, back then. Today I will talk about some interesting facts about sea transport.

Sea Transport

Sea Transport

  • History of travel on sea is very old.It dates back to 3000 B.C.
  • Abydos boats from Egypt are supposedly the oldest ships made by man.
  • Fast ships were later made for movement across sea.Spanish people became masters of the sea in 18th century, hence the famous Spanish armada.
  • In 19th century England became the sea champions with invention of steam engine. It was the most successful episode in world history. Sea supremacy lead to England having colonies all over the world.
  • With fossil fuel engines ships became faster and more convenient.
  • The fastest ships now are powered by nuclear powered engines.These ships have left  the old boats far behind.
  • Sail driven ships which were popular in 15th and 16th century are still popular among sailors.
  • Moving cargo across sea was the most profitable business of its era. It is one of the oldest form of business and is still going strong. Even today 65% of world’s cargo is moved across sea.
  • Maersk Line’s Emma Maersk is the largest cargo carrying ship. It is worth $38 billion and can carry 11000 Twenty foot containers.
  • Navy is the most strategic arm of the defense forces for every country with coastal waters.
  • China is the largest builder of ships in the world. It produces 5000 ships in a year only second to Denmark.

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