Bullet Train in Japan

Bullet Train in Japan

Technology and beauty in transportation can be all had in Japan. Yes folks I am talking about the Shinkansen network of bullet trains in Japan. The network serves Japan’s main islands Honshu and Kyushu connecting Tokyo with all major cities.

The trains run at the bullet speed of 320km/hr and known for to the second punctuality. The coaches are comfortable and efficient. Especially made for tourists is the Japan Rail pass which makes travelling by these fast trains very economic for the touring people.

When I came here I could gather some real up close information about the train network, which a traveler should know. Hence I will share these details.

Classes – Most of the trains offer two classes in two separate cars/coaches. There is the regular or ordinary class with 3X2 seating arrangement with enough foot space. Then there is the green car which is the luxurious ones with 2X2 seating arrangement with lots of foot space. You can choose either depending on your budget. There is also another new introduction on the new trains known as Gran class with 2X1 seating and other amenities. The Gran class is comparable to first class in Airplanes so be ready to shell out bucks for these seats.

The tickets can be booked online, through vending machines or at the counters at stations. Wash rooms and toilets facility in these trains is really incomparable. Believe me they are better than any other transport network I have travelled on. So get set and make sure you travel by these modern marvels which showcases the technology and hospitality of Japan.


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