Blue Mountains Tourism

Blue Mountains tourism

Blue Mountains tourism is one of the major attractions for tourists in Australia. It includes the essence of Australia. There are national parks, caves, fishing and a taste of local culture and much more. Today I will tell you about the top 3 attractions of Blue Mountains tourism.

(1) Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains – This is the thing to do in this tour. It includes walking through the wilderness and staying in an Aboriginal village. You can also enjoy camping, canoeing and horse riding in this tour.

(2) Aboriginal heritage tour to Mount Tomah – This tour focuses on learning about Aboriginal culture and the indigenous use of plants. The tour is led by an Aboriginal expert guide right up to the peak of Mount Tomah. You can try blowing into the traditional trumpet of the Aboriginals from the peak.

(3) Blue Mountains Trolley Tours – This eco-tour takes care of your comfort. The trolleys will take you everywhere with less walking required. Perfect for a holiday with small kids.


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