About me and transport

How many young kids love playing with train sets and model cars – some how they can get lost for hours in the fun of pushing a train around a track, what do they imagine, when they don’t yet understand the concept of travel and destinations?

My name’s Sam, I was one of these kids, but I don’t really remember what I was dreaming about, I do know that the fascination with being on the move has never really left me. I’m a Melbourne boy by birth, and I love the fact that we hung on to our tram system when others didn’t – I think it adds a great element to the city landscape.

One of the things I love most arriving in a new city is getting lost in its public transport system – trying to work out the system, the novelty of the new and the way you can interact with locals, plus the chance that you’ll inevitably get lost and discover somewhere unexpected is always a bonus! I will also sometimes talk about various places in Australia which are great to move around.

Join me on my journeys around the world, both real and where I imagine going, there’s nothing as fun as trying to get from A to B via V.


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