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A Nomadic Experience of Barbados: Travel Guides And Tips

The land of “pride and industry”, Barbados is a country that takes pride of its people and its culture. Located at the western area of the North Atlantic and east of Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea, expect pristine stretch of beaches to be found in this prime tourist destination. Historically speaking, Barbados was colonized by the Spanish, Portuguese, and the English; so expect a rich cultural heritage.And if you are running short of money, worry not but read more here!

Barbados’ point of interest

Before visiting this beautiful country, the traveler is advised to make a list of the places to go. This way, he can save on time and hassle and disperse his efforts more on travelling and exploring these beautiful and magnificent Barbados tourist spots.

  •  The Andromeda Botanical Gardens

This nature park is home to variety of fauna species of palms, orchids, Bougainville’s, to name a few. The garden has gentle streams around the area giving it the general zen feel. Located in Bathsheba at the eastern coast of the Barbados islands, the Andromeda Botanical Gardens is the best place to commune with nature and appreciate the magnificence of mother nature.


  • The coast of Bathsheba and Scotland District

This prime location lures surfers from around the globe. The waters in this coast boast some challenging wave ideal for surfing. For non-suffers, you can likewise enjoy the waters and the breezy life in this part of Barbados. Your best companion is your camera since this part of the coast boasts some breathtaking scenery.