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Tips for travel in Australia

Travel In Australia

Australia is different when travelling from rest of the world and needs special care to stay safe. There are many kinds of dangers and challenges. Sparse population and lack of settlement for miles is Australia. But that is what is different about Australia. The following tips will help you cope up with challenges in the Island Continent.

  • Light Luggage – Heavy luggage is a big no while travelling anywhere and more so in Australia as you will be travelling long distances. So pack smartly and according to the season you are travelling in. You can buy some clothes locally for the local fashion and it is not expensive.
  • Travel by Road/Train – Do not take flights while in Australia if you want to experience the real Australia. Instead take trains or travel by road and have the experience of the Australian outback. Making a discovery traveler’s pass is an economic option.
  • Keep Hydrated – Australia is dry and hot. Especially the outback is arid and steaming so you need to drink water regularly. Keeping lemon handy is a good way to quench the thirst. You can make lemon water with sugar or salt which keeps the electrolytic balance in the body as well.
  • Avoid night travel – Australia can be wild and there are dangerous predators and extremely poisonous snakes. So adventure at night is not advised.
  • Sun Block creams to avoid sunburns – Sun will burn your skin if you do not have protection. Using sun block product is a necessity here.

Winter Travel to Australia

There is a drastic change in temperature in many as compare to April. For the people who like the cold season this is the time to visit Australia . This is a great time to visit  whether you are coming for a pleasure trip or for professional things like photography.

The drop in temperature is a phenomenal 5 degrees Celsius. Autumn has already set in but this is the most dramatic month for climate change. There is rapid change in scenery from different colors to brown and then to white in a matter of weeks. The only drawback is that you will not be able to enjoy the water as it becomes cold. The other things are really inviting be it the restaurants or the colorful and vibrant clubs at night.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

MCG - The biggest ground

This is the biggest ground in the city. Famous for being the largest cricket ground, it also has Aussie football and Olympic venue for a wide range of sports. There is even a museum in the complex where you can see historical memorabilia. MCG as it is popularly known is more of a cultural icon in Australia.

Werribee Open range Zoo 

Werribee Open range Zoo

It is not just a slogan. The zoo indeed is unique where animals roam around freely. It is us humans who have to be in a caged jeep to be safe. You can take the tour on foot also but it is a long walk. Many options of alternative transport are available. Best viewed in May due to animal activity because of rapidly changing season.

The National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery - Melbourne

The national art gallery in Melbourne is a must visit for all. It has a unique collection of artwork and sculpture which you will not find anywhere in the world.

Coming in May you can also do amazing photography. This is for the photographers.