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The Schwebebahn: Suspension Railways in Germany

Suspension railway Germany

The Schwebebahn, located in the town of Wuppertal, is one of the most famous Suspension railway Germany. You can see from the picture that it looks like the train is literally floating through the air. I rode the Schwebebahn when I was in Germany a few years ago, and it was a mad feeling to have the tracks above you and nothing but cars and city streets below. The first tracks opened in 1901, and is still in use today! There have been relatively few accidents considering how long the railway has been in operation. There’s another one of these suspension railway Germany, albeit a less famous one: The Schwebebahn Dresden. Eugen Langen, who designed the Wuppertal Schwebebahn, first built the Schwebebahn Dresden. It is smaller in scope than the one in Wuppertal, but it is a mountain railway that runs about 275 metres up from the river Elbe. Those are the only two suspension railway Germany that I can think of – does anyone know of any others? What about in other countries?